Saturday, 18 January 2014

Temps are rising...

Our first night of the ferry was quite, well, loudly. We managed to find a cheap hostel which was amazingly clean and welcoming but around 10pm the pub just below us brought us blues-atmosphere. To be honest, it was pretty good and we decided to have a look. At that time the temperature was about 10 degrees Celsius, very nice!! At 11:00 PM we called it a day and managed to catch some sleep.

At approx. 09:15 local time we were airborne from Zadar. Flying mostly above a solid cloudlayer at FL110, the flight was pretty straight forward. But what a difference with the day before, then we had temperatures up to minus 8 and did we have to watch out for icing. Now we saw the temperature climbing from zero to plus 4 degrees at the same level.

Once leaving the shore behind we fiddled the lifevests around our heads, we were ready for crossing the same waters St. Paul had sailed. We were very aware of the country below us where Paul ministered, quite amazing. Beside the outside temperature rising, also our oil-temperature indicator was showing a rise which wasn't effected by selecting cowlflaps open or close. This would be one of the indictors to watch once over the deserts in northern- and middle Africa.

Upon landing at Iraklion, Crete, we were welcomed by the handling agent Olympics, they really helped us with arranging fuel, customs and police. The temperature now at 8:30 PM outside is 14 degrees C.!
Can you imagine that it feels a bit like 'spring' to us? Holiday-feeling almost.....
If we didn't have this nasty headache... We're off to bed, tomorrow a new blog. Sleep tight!

Tomorrow it's time to go to Luxor Egypt...

Monday hopefully Sudan if we get the necessary permits... Prayer is appreciated!

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