Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Preparations, preparations....

Never a dull moment, preparing a ferry of an aircaft across Africa...
The 2 Dutch pilots do have experience though. In 2012 they ferried a Cessna 182-SMA to Chad.

But this time it will take up to five days or more instead of three....

A few months ago, the planning started, looking at possible routes. Not easy with the recent developments in Central Africa and Sudan. But in the end a relatively safe route was found and planned. It will take us over the Alpes and the Mediterranean sea over Egypt and Sudan.

The actual route will take us the first day from the Netherlands to Rome.
Day 2 We will aim for Iraklion, Crete.
Day 3, Luxor, Egypt
Day 4, Khartoum, North Sudan
Day 5, Lokichoggio, Kenya 
Day 5 late Afternoon: Entebbe, Uganda!

Total travelling distance is almost 7000 kilometres/4300 landmiles

Some of the preparations:
Finding a safe route around/over the Alps
Ordering navigational charts and approach plates.
Arranging a life-raft & survival gear...
Getting flight permits ( overflight & landing clearances )
Sorting out fuel availability
Suitable airports
Places to sleep
Weight & Balance
Trial flights with the "new" aircraft.
Studying manuals of new equipment
And getting acquainted with it.
Etc. etc.

When you read this we are about to pick up the aircraft and fly thursdaymorning
To our first destination to the beautiful city of Rome!

Your prayer is appreciated throughout this journey!

We'll keep you posted!

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