Thursday, 16 January 2014

Another day with new chances!!!

Got up early this morning!

We checked the weather and it all looks promising! We only need to pass a weatherfront but no significant weather is expected, although freezing level is at 5.000 feet. 

This means that at our altitude (around 10.000 feet)  any moisture in the air will freeze on our airframe... We will have to take account for that and fly at lower levels or avoiding clouds.
Join us in prayer for a smooth flight!!

We will pass Salzburg and then head South for Croatia, where the plan is to land in Zadar where we will stay overnight and continue to Iraklion, Crete tomorrow!

Now we are going to do the preflight, the plane had a good rest as well!! ;-)
We will depart around 9:00 hours local time...

When we see the plane, it is hard to imagine this plane will be of such great help in Uganda and Sudan. It will carry missionaries, relief workers and also bring sick people to hospitals where they will get a chance to recover instead of having no treatment at all with a worse outcome...

We are thankful to play a little role in this and do our best to get the plane down to Africa safely! And we say like Nehemia:
The God of heaven will give us succes!!

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