Friday, 17 January 2014

Great Flight! Arrived safely in Zadar, Croatia.

Sometimes we think the weather forecasts are many times wrong, well I have deep respect for the meteorologists from METEO Schiphol. Today's forecast was highly accurate. Like I wrote this morning we had to pass the warmfront.
They predicted it was not so active and indeed without significant problems we flew at our attitude through the layers of clouds, with only picking up minor ice.

The picture above was before we passed the warmfront. A bit later our view got a bit "milky"....

The stripes you see are caused by our camera because of the movement of the propeller; looks a bit awkward. But I can assure you it ran very smoothly!!

A pleasant surprise was breaking out of the clouds passing the Eastern Alpes!

Here a video where Jeroen is showing you a bit of the great scenery! ;-)

The last bit was windy... Western winds up to 50 kts made it hard as with the mountaineous area this kinds of winds create turbulence and dangerous downdrafts, we went up and down and at one time, we couldn't maintain altitude anymore and informed Air Traffic Control, gladly they gave us clearance to fly at a lower altitude...

Air Traffic Control was very friendly all the way from Holland through Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia & Croatia! They gave us many shortcuts and we even got a "Tot ziens" (Dutch) in Slovenia, guess we have to practice covering up our Dutch accent... ;-)

Approaching Zadar was nice breaking out of the clouds and seeing the Runway, we had a bit of problems with our ILS receiver (Instrument Landing System) but were able to make a safe approach into Zadar!

Jeroen made a perfect landing with a 20 knots crosswind... You actually can see on the picture he had to steer upwind quite a bit...

Well time to go to bed now (10:00 PM)

To be continued!

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